Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Intricate interconnection between minds and causes of attraction!!!!

Sometimes We wonder why we get attracted to a particular person all of a sudden and feel everything for that person. In contrary, Why we don't feel for persons or don't get attracted towards some persons who we know for years and have been living with for years. Why it happens, why we feel that strong emotional vibration when that person is around or when we communicate with that person. Why we cry for that person, why we love that person. When we don't get the answer, we take it as, something destined or some antics of  God in our lives etc.

Last night, I was reading some fascinating articles on law of attraction and on quantum physics. There I got the answer in Science. It's all begin with our thoughts. We all creatures in this universe are interconnected, inter-wired. According to the rule of nature, what we give is what we get. So over the years we cherish for many things. What we get  in our lives, is just the reflection of thoughts that we radiated to the universe somewhere in past.

Coming to the attraction of a particular human being, We cherish, we dream about a kind of person always and accordingly we get someone like that and then we get attracted instantly. So it all depends on the intensity of our desire and the focus on things that we really cherish for. We should keep a watch on our thoughts. Positive thoughts create heaven and Negative thoughts create hell in our lives...

Some points::
1.If you want to be loved, You show love.
2.If you want to be successful, You behave like a successful person.
3.If you desire for a good partner, You try to imbibe all those good characters in you that you look for in your partner.
4. If you want help, You try to be helpful.
God is wonderful, Creations of God are wonderful, Life is wonderful!!! Thanks God

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